Design Calculator

Wine Rack Size Calculator

To Work out the total number of Wine Rack Units and Key Stone Units needed to fill your gap, you will need the following:

1) HEIGHT – Determine from the diagrams below, the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ROWS, that you will need to best fill the available HEIGHT of your space.  

2) WIDTH –  Discover the (alphabetically-labelled) maximum number of COLUMN UNTS, that you will require to best fill the available WIDTH of your space. 

3) Then, put the above information into our \’Calculator Chart\’ below to check exactly how many Wine Rack sections & Key Stone sections you will require. 

4) Finally, to determine prices & make your purchase, enter these numbers of units required separately into our online shop for both Key Stones and Wine Rack Units, remembering to purchase Wine Rack in Standard \’sets of 10\’ (at the bulk discount price) & any remaining units (less than 10) individually.

5) If you have any problems or questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us for help.

Terracotta Wine Keepers Australia
Terracotta Wine Keepers Australia