Chicken Brick Oven Extra Large


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Probably the largest terracotta chicken brick oven produced in the UK, our new extra large brick will comfortably accommodate a large “family size” chicken or small turkey! Traditional in design this chicken brick is a larger version of our original “hand thrown” chicken brick, produced on the potter’s wheel. Terracotta pre-dates most other forms of cookware and gives excellent results. Based on ancient principles of cooking in earthenware containers over a fire, the chicken brick has been developed for use in conventional ovens, a clay oven within an oven. Terracotta bricks are simple to use, easy to clean and the food cooked in them tastes wonderful! What’s more, in this health conscious age, the food is cooked naturally in its own juices, with no extra fats added. As the oven heats up, a steamy, moist enclosed environment is created throughout cooking. The result is tender succulent meat, which is full of flavour. Once tried you will be converted forever. You can cook all types of food in a terracotta brick – joints of meat, poultry, vegetables and even casseroles can be cooked with delicious results. Our extra-large Chicken brick is ideally suitable for use in all standard ovens.

Size: Length 29cm x Width 21.5cm x Height 21cm