Garlic Cellar


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This terracotta garlic keeper will naturally provide excellent garlic storage conditions, keeping garlic bulbs fresh, prolonging shelf life & retaining flavour.  Made in English terracotta clay with a rustic glaze finish on the upper half. This rustic glaze finish is achieved by dipping the pot into two glazes which melt and react with each other in the kiln creating unique effects, shades of colours combine to complement the terracotta.  Shaped like a garlic bulb, this terracotta garlic keeper will keep your garlic cool & fresh, preserving those gorgeous garlic flavours, and restricting light to reduce the likelihood of sprouting. Garlic needs to breathe and allowing good air circulation will extend its shelf life. For this reason our garlic storage pot has holes to promote good ventilation. Hand made in the UK from English terracotta.

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